Welcome to AVOK Academic Skills Unit

Tartu University is currently in the process of developing an academic skills unit (Akadeemilise Väljendusoskuse Keskus – AVOK). The center`s aim is to organize academic skills courses provided at the university and to create opportunities for language support.

AVOK will be a consortium that coordinates Estonian and English academic skills courses and provides services, schooling and individual consultations. Future plans also include work in the field of terminology. The center's keyword is COOPERATION between subject field and language teaching/training/schooling.

AVOK`s aims are as follows:

  • To gather information about academic skills courses provided at the university and instructions for thesis writing, essay writing, journal article writing, etc…
  • To prepare and organize new courses and events.
  • To create a collection of resources and websites in the field of academic skills development.
  • To offer training in the field of academic skills.
  • To offer translation and editing services.
  • To train tutors and develop a tutoring system.
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